Tongshi DVB (PCI/USB) product is used for receiving digital TV program or IP data from 
satellite, cable or territorial. The product could be installed fast and easy on nearly every PC.

Download Tongshi DVB Products User Manual (845k)


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                    [ DVB-S ]

       [ DVB-C/S USB2_CI Box]

Tongshi DVB-S Card is used to receive satellite Digital TV program and IP data. It had been widely used in worldwide. It supports many third party applications such as ProgDVB.

Tongshi DVB-C/S USB (CI) Receiver is used to receive Cable or Satellite Digital TV program (encrypted or free) and IP data. It supports many third party applications such as ProgDVB.

Introduction (181K)

Introduction (74K)


The applications of Tongshi DVB products including: DVBPlay, DVBData, ProgDVB and so on. We update 
Drivers in time (Identify 6 Types of Tongshi DVB Products Automatically) and provide SDK and BDA for
third-party .
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DVB IP data broadcasting adopts standard IP protocol to transmit data. Its basic function is to divide computer 
files into small data packages and then transmit them to the user end via IP retransmission devices such as 
DVB-S/C. The reception software of the user end will convert them into computer files.
To improve the channel efficiency, the broadcasting system allows compressed files to be transmitted. One 
broadcasting device allows several channels to be broadcast simultaneously.

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